December 13, 2017

Elite Athlete Assistance Program

A. Background

Elite Athlete Assistance is provided by Sask Squash at their discretion to active members, less than 25 years of age, whose performance standard ranks them at national level potential. Monies are to be used for training costs, equipment, and competition.

B. Purpose

The purpose of the Athlete Assistance program is to provide funding assistance to athletes for the following reasons:

• To improve Saskatchewan athletes’ performance in inter-provincial and national level competitions, thus improving the overall level of play in our province.
• To encourage Saskatchewan athletes to live and train in this province.

C. Criteria for Selection

Any athlete may apply, but only those deemed to be ELITE athletes shall be selected. Selection criteria is as follows:

1. Elite Athletes are active members whose performance standards and commitment place them at a national level or make them potential national level players.

2. Must be a resident of Saskatchewan, including a Saskatchewan student-athlete training and competing elsewhere.

3. Is a member of Saskatchewan Squash Inc.

4. Athletes will be considered on the basis of, but not exclusively on the following:
a. Completed training plan with measurable outcomes.
b. Willingness to train and improve.
c. Dedication to the sport. ie. Why they would be a good candidate.
d. Contributions to the game of squash in Saskatchewan and Sask Squash.
e. A letter of reference from a coach or mentor.

D. Responsibilities and Requirements of Selected Athletes:

1. Have and maintain a training and competitive schedule approved by Sask Squash.

2. Maintain an ongoing record of substantiated expenses and receipts which will be submitted after the 1st payment, but before the final payment is made.
E.g. Equipment, travel costs, tournament entry fees, etc.

3. Compete for Saskatchewan during the sponsored year at the following events:
a) National Squash Championships
b) Inter-provincial and national team competitions for which they are selected.

4. Compete in at least one of the Sask Squash sanctioned tournaments during the funded season.

5. Obtain at least a Club Referee level of officiating certification -

6. Volunteer to assist the tournament committees with the tournaments in your home city. Consideration will be given to athletes residing outside Saskatoon or Regina.

Please note: Failure to adhere to the above requirements may result in Sask Squash Board imposed sanctions including withholding or even repayment of funds.

A selection committee appointed by the Board will review all applications submitted by the deadline. The selection committee will consist of at least one Sask Squash member from the South, at least one Sask Squash member from the North, and the Executive Director. The Sask Squash Board of Directors will ratify final selections and the successful applicants will be notified.

This program is administrated in an atmosphere of gender equity, where equal consideration will be given to applications by women and men.

More information can be found in the Documents section of this webiste.