December 13, 2017


Last week standings

December 18, 2014

With the league season coming to a close last night, it can officially be announced that the league champion is Team Sunshine, with 202 points. They were followed, quite closely, by Team Gelowitz, with 187 points. Players will have until the end of the year (December 31, at 11:59:59.999999) to get any other results in. Since Team Gelowitz has played all but 2 of their matches, they have no way of closing that gap, so Team Sunshine will be officially crowned at Squash Hunger, this Friday night.
At the other end of the spectrum, the Superb Owl trophy is still up for grabs. Currently, Team Spetz occupies the final spot with 88 points, but Team Warner only has 98, so they are well within reach. The worst team will be open for ridicule once the year comes to a close.
In individual results, the level 1 champion is Jason Gelowitz, who earned 51 points, going 10-1, and playing the best squash of his life. He was followed by Derek Shevkenek at 39, and Thomas Jackson at 38. Steve Johnson was fourth, and undefeated. However, he finished with only 30 points, having only played 6 matches (and having fought through various injuries).
In level 2, league commissioner and notorious sand-bagger, Steve Bachiu, finished in first with 53 points. This was also enough for him to finish first overall, but aided largely by the fact that he played one extra match as a replacement player. Without the extra points, he should have either 50 points, or 48, depending on how you want to look at it. Either way, that was enough to win the division. In second, Jake Neufeld finished with 43 points. However, that doesn’t count, since many of his wins came in level 3. In third, Daniel Hirschkorn finished with 41 points, followed by Riley Glew at 38 points.
Ryan McAvoy finished first in level 3, with 45 points, followed by Jordan Teichgrab and Glen Kobussen, each with 41. Arun Joseph, captain of the mighty Arun 5, finished in fourth with 38 points.
Level 4 had one of the most dominant players, as Tim Berg finished at 10-0, with 48 points. Interestingly, the Team Sunshine combination of level 4 players, Rowan Stephenson and Erin Smith, finished a combined 10-1, for a total of 50 points. However, in second place was Ked Hildebrandt, who had 37 points. From there, it was very tight, with Dave Hannah (34), Neil Conley (33), Adnan Tariq (31), Darren Hunter (31), Harry LeRoux (31), and Jamie Connoly (30).
In level 5, former multi-time provincial champion John Stephenson finished with 50 points at 10-0. He was followed by Leif Glenister at 39 points, and Brian Fern at 36. Newcomer Dawn Keim finished fourth, with 32 points, and a respectable 6-2 record.
These level standings are very much up in the air, as many players still have matches that could be made up. If you would like to play some of your outstanding matches, contact your opponents, and, if they are unavailable, work with captains to find replacement players. You should have all contact information necessary, but you only have until the end of the year to REPORT all make up matches. Good luck, and I hope to see you all in the next league season.
Steve Bachiu

Pre-Registration for YMCA Spring Squash League

December 12, 2014

If you are interested in participating in the league at the YMCA, please fill out the Google form at this link:

There will be a commitment of time to be a team captain, as whatever league management system will likely require it. I am also looking to make it possible for players to directly record their own results.

This is not official registration for the league, but it will give us a chance to know who is playing ahead of time. More information to follow...



Steve, the league guy.

Rules and League information

October 7, 2014

Here is a link to the league rules. There have been a few changes. You should know these rules.

Here is the league spreadsheet. It contains the teams from the league, contact information for everyone in the league, the matchups for rest of the year (which team plays which team), and a schedule for the year. This spreadsheet can be viewed, but you will not be able to edit it.

The league standings and statistics can be viewed here.

As always, any questions can be directed to Steven Bachiu