December 13, 2017

Squash Coach needed for Team Saskatchewan for 2019 Canada Winter Games.

Squash Coach needed for Team Saskatchewan for 2019 Canada Winter Games.

September 2, 2015




Saskatchewan Squash is currently seeking an individual to coach our Canada Winter Games team for competition in 2019.   The following criteria will be considered:

• Be certified to the Provincial Coach certification (the old Level 3).  SSI will consider a candidate that has their Intermediate level provided the candidate successfully obtains his/her Provincial Coach certification as soon as reasonably possible.
• Has been or is currently an active squash coach with an accredited program.
• A member in good standing of Saskatchewan Squash.
• Have some knowledge of the CWG process as it relates to the responsibilities below.
• Have demonstrated an enthusiasm for the game and the ability to work collegially in a group setting.
• Resides in Saskatoon or Regina, Saskatchewan.


The coach will be responsible for the following:

• Establishing selection criteria for the CWG team.
• Providing regular training camps in Regina and Saskatoon to develop and assess eligible players.
• Coordinating strength and skill development programs.
• Working with coaches responsible of other junior squash programs to ensure their elite player programs follow the direction and focus of CWG program.
• Setting and overseeing the budget to ensure that all objectives of the CWG Program budget are met.
• Complying with any Saskatchewan Sport requirements, accounting and otherwise.
• Selecting, coaching and travelling with the CWG team.


The choice of the CWG coach will be subject to approval of either the board or the selection committee of SSI.

To apply, please send a cover letter and squash related resume to the Executive Director of Saskatchewan Squash at:

Deadline to apply: Wednesday, September 30, 2015