December 13, 2017

Special Meeting of Saskatchewan Squash called...

Special Meeting of Saskatchewan Squash called...

February 5, 2016

Notice is hereby given of a Special Meeting of the membership of Saskatchewan Squash Inc. on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016, 12noon, at the YMCA Saskatoon, Court 3. This meeting is being held during our upcoming Saskatoon Open tournament, Feb. 26-28, in the hopes of getting enough people together to reach quorum - 25 Saskatchewan Squash members.

The sole purpose of this Special Meeting is to pass a motion to adopt the proposed new constitution and by-laws as per the attached document.

Our current combination of constitution and by-laws is incomplete, mixed in with our policies and procedures, and didn't meet many of the requirements of the Not-For-Profit Act as well as our major funder, Sask Sport. An update and revision is necessary.

Thanks to the work of Noah Wernikowski, Diana Lee and our Sask Squash Board we have a document that will guide our association for years to come.

Please direct any questions to