December 13, 2017

2016 Saskatoon Open results

2016 Saskatoon Open results

February 29, 2016

The Saskatoon Open was completed yesterday at the YMCA Saskatoon, with 79 players. Congrats to all players and to the following who won their respective events.

Thanks to Steve Bachiu, Mateo Buitrago and all of the volunteers who put on a great tournament. 

A            Noah Wernikowski, Saskatoon  defeated Patrick Clinton, Regina  3-2

Masters  Kjeld Gattinger, Regina  defeated  James Stephenson, Saskatoon  3-0

B            Ian Poetker, Saskatoon defeated Brett Spenrath, Saskatoon         3-2

C            Chris Dobson, Brandon  defeated  Mark Lewis, Saskatoon            3-0

C/D         Dinesh Kumar, Saskatoon defeated Ken Hildebrand, Saskatoon   3-2

D             Ryker Batson, Brandon  defeated  Rodman Batson, Brandon        3-2

Here are some pictures of some of the event winners -