Regina Open results

The Regina Open squash tournament concluded yesterday at the Evolution Fitness club, with Robbie Findlay defeating Chris Tunnicliffe in the final match of the A event, 3-2.

Congratulations to the following players on winning their respective events:

A - Robbie Findlay (YMCA Regina) beat Chris Tunnicliffe (Evolution Fitness)  3-2

B - Chris Kennedy (Brandon, MB) beat Reed Fitzgerald (YMCA Saskatoon) 3-1

C - Mark Luba (YMCA Regina) beat Darren Hunter (Saskatoon Club) 3-1

D - Junyan Cau (Evolution Fitness) beat Clarizze Perpetua (Melville) 3-0

E - Maher Elshakankiri (YMCA Regina) beat Kashif Fiaz (Evolution Fitness) 3-1

Jr. Novice - Shalin Pillay (Evolution Fitness) beat Vova Auer (YMCA Saskatoon) 3-0


Here are all the results -

The Saskatchewan rankings have been updated -

Thanks to tournament chair Maher Elshakankiri and the tournament committee, including Chris Tunnicliffe, Robbie Findlay, Brock Findlay, David Sutherland and Sandra Sutherland. A good time was had by all.

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