SLIC tournament results

Congratulations to all 63 players who competed in the very successful SLIC Tournament over the weekend. 

Many thanks to Russ Warner, his committee of tournament volunteers and the YMCA of Saskatoon.


A Event  – Mateo Buitrago, U of Sask        defeated  Thomas Jackson, YMCA Saskatoon   3-0

A/B      – Derek Shevkenek, YMCA Saskatoon  def.      James Stephenson, YMCA Saskatoon 3-0

B        – Ian Poetker, YMCA Saskatoon      def.      Summer Schofield, YMCA Saskatoon  3-2

B/C      – Logan Brooks, Innovation Place   def.      Garth Pickrell, YMCA Saskatoon    3-0

C        – Talha Akbar, YMCA Saskatoon      def.      JungYi Cau, Evolution Fitness     3-1  

D        -  Adel Akbar, YMCA Saskatoon       def.      Ansh Wadhwa, YMCA Saskatoon      3-0

U13      – Finnley Muller, YMCA Saskatoon   def.      Mae Shevkenek, YMCA Saskatoon    3-1

U15      – Josh Norman, YMCA Saskatoon      def.      Ruby Shevkenek, YMCA Saskatoon   3-0


Here are all the results -

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