Saskatchewan Open results

Our provincial championship was held over the weekend at Evolution Fitness, Regina. Find all results here -

Congratulations to Nikki Todd who defeated Noah Wernikowski 3-1 to win her second provincial squash championship. She won previously in 2014.

We had 81 entrants and some great matches. All thanks and credit go to the all-star team of the tournament committee and volunteers.

Here are the event winners and runners-up:

Open -       Nikki Todd (Evolution Fitness, Regina)         def.   Noah Wernikowski (Evolution Fitness, Regina)   3-1

A1     -     Chris Tunnicliffe (Evolution Fitness, Regina)  def.   Kirk Krasilowez (Evolution Fitness, Regina)    3-1

A2     -     Noah Richter (Evolution Fitness, Regina)       def.   Derek Shevkenek (YMCA Saskatoon)               3-1

B1     -     Steve Bachiu (YMCA Saskatoon)                  def.   Brad Ambrosi (YMCA Medicine Hat, Alta.)        3-2

B2     -     Chiru Gade (YMCA Saskatoon)                    def.   Brock Findlay (YMCA Regina)                    3-2

Women's B -  Emily Bardutz (Evolution Fitness, Regina)      def.   Sana Rehman (Evolution Fitness, Regina)        3-2

C1     -     Nolan Radbourne (Brandon Squash, Manitoba)     def.   Junyan Cau (Evolution Fitness, Regina)         3-0

C2     -     Rian Put (YMCA Regina)                         def.   Sam Chan (Evolution Fitness, Regina)           3-2

D      -     Luke Shevkenek (YMCA Saskatoon)                def.   Roland Auer (YMCA Saskatoon)                   3-2

Junior Novice - Winner - Kashif Fiaz, (Evolution Fitness, Regina)

                       - Runners-up - Vova Auer (YMCA Saskatoon) & Shalin Pillay (Evolution Fitness, Regina)

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