Saskatoon Boast tournament results

Thanks to Tournament Chairperson Steve Bachiu and his band of volunteers for another outstanding job. As well, the 18th Annual Saskatoon Boast PSA tournament chairperson, James Stephenson, is to be congratulated for another great professional tournament. Thanks to the YMCA Saskatoon for hosting our tournament.


A1 - Jason Gelowitz (YMCA Saskatoon)  defeated Mateo Buitrago (U of S) 3-1

A2 - Noah Richter (Evolution Fitness) def. Matt Zimroz (Evolution Fitness) 3-1

AB - Mike Kuzub (YMCA Saskatoon)      def. Dustin Nelson (YMCA Saskatoon) 3-2

B1 - Brock Findlay (YMCA Regina)      def. Amit Joseph (Edmonton) 3-2

B2 - Rowan Stephenson (YMCA Saskatoon)def. Waqar Shah (U of S) 3-1

C1 - Andrew Poetker (Calgary)         def. Will Shevkenek (YMCA Saskatoon) 3-0

C2 - Luke Shevkenek (YMCA Saskatoon)  def. Darshil Koshti (Saskatoon Club) 3-0

D1 - Talha Akbar (YMCA Saskatoon)     def. Kashif Fiaz (Evolution Fitness) 3-2

D2 -         1st - Josh Dahlgrin (YMCA Saskatoon)   2nd - Adel Akbar (YMCA Saskatoon)

Novice -     1st - Saif Rehman (Evolution Fitness)  2nd - Josh Norman (YMCA Saskatoon)

Jr. Novice - 1st - Kashish Wadhwa (YMCA Saskatoon)  2nd - Arsalan Fiaz (Evolution Fitness)


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